About home furniture HI-PO

Our company is able to manufacture furniture with a value and quality performance that satisfies even the most demanding customers

Apart from office furniture, HI-PO also puts great impact on furniture for home and living space. In this segment we also produce house furniture, custom-made furniture for all rooms according to the wishes and ideas of our clients. The company is involved in producing, projecting and designing furniture systems. Besides constantly keeping the consumer’s best interest in mind we have also developed a parallel activity, a hard working team of experts. With the help of this team and our concerns about consumer’s need, we have performed continious improvements and progress in accordance with consumer wishes. Our offer includes a complete service from consulting, designing, supplying and installing furniture and accessories.

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Living space

The living room is the central place of socializing, laughter and relaxation. In order for your living room to be equipped with a sense of well-being, we are ready to make the most of our business and harmonize your wishes with the final product image.


The bedroom is a place for rest and sleep, it is a place of intimacy and peace. It can be classical or modern. A wide choice and range of color spectrum of the bedrooms, also the decision to choose the most suitable bedroom model is ver difficult. Therefore, expert advice by HI-PO on choosing the right bedroom is very important. Make your dream come true and enjoy the perfect bedroom in the dimensions that suits you best.

Youth and children's room

We also devote a lot of worries to our childrens for whom the environment in which they live is of utmost importance. In doing so, we strive to use the user-friendly materials as much as possible. We offer a wide range of different colors and decorations, which make the youth room more attractive to the eyes.


The kitchen is the place where we all want to go, especially if something good smells out of it. In the company we manufacture kitchens according to the wishes and ideas of the final customers. For this purpose we also prepare a 3D drawing.


We furnish it according to your taste, as it is the mirror of your living space. Do not forget about the storage areas that are essential when first entering the lounge.


Bathroom furniture is an integral part of any bathroom, and has to stand an incredible amount of wear and tear, water splashes and clouds of steam.