High quality office furniture

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The office is something more than just a workplace. It is a space that supports, motivates and acts as a catalyst for innovative ideas. Because of this, it has a huge influence on the way companies and their employees achieve successes. HI-PO furniture is known for its unbelievablle compatibilty of elements, series and excellent service. The production involves state of the art machinery, use of excellent materials (melamin foil, ABS edges, wooden plates of E1 quality and metal parts from recognised manufacturers), which allows us to produce top quality products. The materials, that HI-PO uses in its production, can be recycled, which means that they are friendly to the evironment.

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Modern office chairs

Office chairs, in particular managerial and operating office chairs, require a lot of attention in choosing and as such are part of office furniture. Due to the ergonomic characteristics, these chairs have a decisive influence on the health and well-being of the employees, and they also contribute significantly to the higher productivity of each individual, who, with suitable office furniture, form a guaranteed success. Before choosing and buying, check out our range of quality office chairs, request additional information and catalogs, and we will be happy to help with expert advice.

Office furniture accessories

Office furniture HI-PO is complemented by various accessories that come together with the office furniture. In addition to the classic office furniture accessories, we also offer more exclusive accessories like built-in frames, which enable interconnecting system of electrical and data supply modules, customised to a high specification. All standard versions are plug and go, the easiest way to work.

Office partition walls

Aluminium partition walls allow us to efficiently and quickly subdivide business spaces and as such between spaces form partitions that provide an uninterrupted daily work. Our offer includes partitions of different thicknesses and profiles that do not require much additional space. By installing the partition wall, we achieve the necessary sound insulation, which is important for the smooth running of office work.